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For almost eighty years he leaves Italians in sweet mouth : is the Andrini Marmellate of Gottolengo (Bs ) , a village in the Lower Valley on the border of the provinces of Cremona , Mantova and Brescia . It dates back to 1937 the start of the Battista Andrini and production of traditional quince jam and chestnut cream which still represents the flagship . To carry on the family business is the grandson of the founder , Maria Luisa Andrini which together with the sons and the husband continues the production with the same traditions of that time following the recipes bequeathed by his grandfather .

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The Andrini of Gottolengo , however, is not only the birthplace of chestnut cream, but also of the Brescia quince jam or mustard which she has received of the eighteenth-century recipe , developed by Grammatica doctor to treat their patients , which involves the preparation Hand this solid jam with quince , candied oranges and sugar and its preservation in boxes of 350 grams of wood veneer .

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